Brake and Wheel Servicing Repairs and OverhaulsAero Wheel and Brake Service Corporation has refined and developed the finest wheel and brake inspection and overhaul program available. Our staff of technicians, repairmen and inspectors follow industry component maintenance manuals and use the latest technical data available from the OEM engineering departments to insure that your wheel or brake assembly conforms and meet all applicable specifications and service bulletins before being returned to service.

All returned products will have an FAA 8130-3/EASA145 form for release and records.

Brake and Wheel Servicing Repairs and OverhaulsWhen your wheel and brake assemblies are received, a work traveler is assigned to your part(s). A careful and thorough visual inspection is conducted before being disassembled and cleaned.

After visual inspections, your assembly is inspected using the latest in cutting edge NDT methodologies, including Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle or Liquid Penetrant, depending on the work scope of the product. Any defects or corrosion are removed or repaired if possible, and the assembly is given a fresh surface treatment, depending on the metal surface being prepared. Hardware, such as bolts, nuts, keys, are inspected using either magnetic particle or dye penetrant inspection methods.

Brake and Wheel Servicing Repairs and Overhauls Our state of the art paint booth is used to apply high quality epoxy primers and polyurethane paints. Military specification paints, primers and topcoats can also be used depending on the specification for those products.

A wheel assembly is visually inspected, reassembled with a fresh tire, inflated and leaked checked, and balanced to specification where applicable. Brakes are visually inspected, reassembled, pressure checked and all assemblies are final inspected and given airworthiness tags for return to service. It can then be packaged and shipped to your required method , or local delivery is available at no charge.

Brake and Wheel Servicing Repairs and OverhaulsBrake and Wheel Servicing Repairs and Overhauls (Our facility is equipped with the latest “green” technologies for use on your wheels and brakes, and we do not utilize chemical paint stripping agents, but instead use Plastic Reclaimable Abrasive Media (PRAM) technology to remove all grease and paint. This method is less harsh on your wheels and brakes, and is much safer for the environment.)

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