This Limited Warranty applies to any wheel or brake assembly serviced by Aero Wheel and Brake Service Corporation (AWB).

Only wheels and brakes that have been used on aircraft in accordance with the aircraft manufacturer's and the component's maintenance manuals (CMM) are eligible for the Limited Warranty.

If a wheel or brake becomes unserviceable due to a covered warranty condition, it will be repaired and/or parts replaced at a reduced cost based upon a prorated basis when applicable.

Whether a wheel or brake has a covered warranty condition will be determined by inspection of the returned product. Any condition present as a result of a wheel or brake having been exposed or subjected to:

(a) Alteration, modification, maintenance, repair, installation, handling, transportation, storage, operation or use after delivery that, in AWB's judgment, is improper or otherwise not in compliance with the appropriate CMM instructions; or
(b) Accident, contamination, foreign object damage, abuse, neglect or negligence occurring after delivery; or
(c) Damage caused by any aircraft part not supplied by AWB, is not a covered warranty condition and AWB assumes no responsibility for such condition.

Except as stated herein, there are no guarantees or warranties of merchantability, fitness, performance or otherwise, express, implied or statutory. AWB shall have no liability for special, incidental or consequential damages. AWB's liability shall not exceed the net purchase price of the parts installed and work performed by AWB.

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